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The Prayer Closet

As I close my eyes in a moment of isolation and bring my focus onto the one that holds my heart and all the noises around me fade away. A place where I communion in the Spirit as all the heaviness of life falls away and the distractions of the world grow dim.

The gratefulness of the blessings that have been given are expressed with meekness. The thankfulness for all the grace and mercies around me are proclaimed, and the burdens of my heart become center stage.


It is here that me and my Lord are one-on-one and my petitions are heard. It is here that I feel the safest to confess my sins and shortfalls and agree that I have again come short in my quest. I cannot dwell here for long, but I visit often.

I am never sent away, never refused and never rejected. It is here that rebuke and correction are met with love and kindness and the light of teaching is brightest. It is here that I feel loved and cherished. And while I never see the face of the one in whom I meet, I always feel his tender touch lifting my faith to its fullest.


Life out of the closet is challenging. The struggles of life pull at the joys and comforts. I fall and sin as the burdens of my heart grow heavy. I become weary and discouraged, but I always know that in the blink of an eye, I can return to find the love, joy, and peace of the hope in which I place my trust and am again full.


You see, The Prayer Closet is within me. A special place where I hide below the surface of my flesh. Beyond the radar of what my enemies can hear or see. The place where I can dwell this side of eternity safely with my Savior.


Prayer Requests

Even the best of us need a little extra prayer every now and then.  Let me know what's on your heart and I'll try to be that little extra help.
How Can I Keep You In Prayer?

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