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The Most Important  Question

What is the gospel?

Nothing could be more important at this juncture, therefore, than the release of any such person from his bondage to sin’s power and penalty. The simplicity of the Gospel makes it clear that eternal salvation  is conditioned on one thing only—belief in Christ’s rescue.

Dr. A.C. Dixon once told about a friend whose experience

illustrates the beauty of Jesus’ salvation. One morning as he

was walking across his field, he heard the sound of hounds in

the distance…. Looking through the cracks of a high fence, he

saw a little fawn, very wearied, its tongue hanging out, and its

sides lathered with foam. The little thing had just strength

enough to leap over the fence and stood there for a moment

with its great liquid eyes gazing about in a frightened manner.

When it saw a hound leap over the fence not far away its first impulse seemed to cause it to run, but, instead…it came and fell down in a heap at the feet of my friend. He said, “I stood there and fought dogs for nearly half an hour. I just felt that all the dogs in that country could not capture the little fawn after its weakness had appealed to my strength.”

The Gospel simply says that we are all sinful and unfit for lasting life with God in heaven. (Romans 3:23), but that the Lord Jesus died to pay the penalty for our sins so that we could go free. Jesus suffered infinitely on the cross for the sins we have committed in order that we might not have to suffer infinitely in the lake of fire for our own sins (Romans 5:8-9)

But Christ rose from death in His own body, thereby proving Himself to be the Lord of life who can save all men from sin and its curse. And now Jesus Christ is offering to each person—to you—everlasting life as a free gift (Romans 6:23).

The Lord Jesus’ offer of salvation is an offer of eternal rescue that must be accepted by each individual. Jesus called people to have the kind of faith that “comes to Him,” (Matthew 11:28) that receives Him. “(John 1:12) that calls on Him” (Romans 10-9) for rescue—as the exhausted little fawn once collapsed at the feet of its only rescuer. 

If you have not yet collapsed at the feet of the Savior, entrusting your soul to His eternal rescue, please do so now. Come to Him, receive Him, call on Him for salvation. The hounds of sin and death are fast coming. 

Are you ready to meet God today?

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