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Baby Doll

I was one of those little girls that loved dolls. I loved playing family, and my baby was very real to me. I had a ton of accessories and cared for that baby well. We were never in a crisis; she was never not wanted. I fed her bottles and changed her diapers; oh, how I loved her! I couldn't wait to be a mommy.

Life would prove to be full of sorrow when it came to being a mommy. While playing with my sweet baby doll, I never dreamed that one day my babies would not survive. I never imagined that my children would leave me long before I would get to meet them.

I didn't know I would not get to count their fingers or toes, or that they would not get a name. There are no graves I get to visit- no birth dates, and no birthday parties. I cannot undo the the loss that surrounds my heart's desires.

My greatest hope is the day that I will arrive in heaven, right after I meet my Savior, I will get to meet the many children that went before me; but, for now, I have my baby doll; to remind me and to comfort me while I wait for that glorious day.

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