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Building A Husband

Updated: May 9

From the garden to today God gave man and women, and saw that this was a good thing. As a woman, I realized through the years that women have this power over men that if not given its due respect can destroy both the man and the lady.

I am not my husband's leader, I am his help-meet. I am the person God choose to stand beside him and encourage him and lift him up when he is down. I have seen so many women destroy a man with her words and actions. It leaves me so brokenhearted. We were not designed to carry their crosses for them, or to be their mothers or bosses. We were meant to be their helper, encourager, and all around best friend. We were meant to have their backs and be that quiet support that keeps their heads up high and their eyes and hearts focused on Jesus.

It is also hard to hear the statistics that more women than men are the ones calling it quits in marriage. More women file for divorce than men, even among Christians. When a woman wants to lead, she is following the pride in her heart and she may not even be aware of it. Women are choosing to tear down their men that God put in place to provide and protect them, and rather than realize the way of their errors they give into the pride and as our enemy convinces them that they can do it better without the help of a husband. They call it quits and often find themselves carrying a load they never dreamed of. I want to acknowledge in some cases that separation is necessary, and that divorce is in the best interest of all parties, but I do wonder when did the fracture occur? When did the feelings get in the way of marital love.

Building our husbands up is the same as building up ourselves. A healthy husband, both mentally and physically is the same as building up ourselves and our families. I have worked very hard for more than three decades now to know what battle I am up against. I am the surge protector, I am absorbing the blows so that when the attacks come they are not felt fully and that instead of disruption, we find grace and wisdom. I am thankful that the Lord has given me the eyes to see how to build my husband up so that he feels complete in who he is and that he is free to be the man God created him to become. Placing my trust in the Lord first, and knowing that God will guide us through, my husband's trust of me in any situation is my most valuable gift he could ever give me.

Trusting that God is leading my husband, I rest in the fact that when my husband comes with an idea or plan that to me may be outrageous, I must step back and see my part in this idea. What might God be leading us to do for His glory?

Our first response may be one of how it affects us as mothers, house keepers, or even our employment along with all the other titles we hold.

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