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Choose Happiness

Choices, choices and more choices- I always dread going down the breakfast cereal aisle. Have you ever seen so many variations of the same kind of cereal and name brands?! They all mostly look the same, and taste the same- really, I can't tell the difference. And yet, there are choices to be made. Everyone uses different techniques to make that final decision. We use parameters to help us narrow the choices because often there are too many.

What about our emotions and the way we feel? Can you choose the way you feel? I believe you can. In the hard days of life, we can choose to be happy. We may not feel like finding happiness for the circumstance at hand, but it is still a choice. So often we want to hold onto the hurt and frustrations of life. Many of us have deep rooted hurts and, in some cases, awful trauma, but we can always stop to remember the happiness that comes from deeper within us.

What makes you the happiest? In all of life, what truly brings you the most joy and peace? Many things bring us joy- our loved ones, our pets, our projects. We have so many choices, but what really makes you the happiest? My happiness rests in the clear fact that God is still on the throne. When the hard days come, I pause and remember that God was not moved; He did not come down off the throne. I am able to recenter my heart, pick up the pieces of life that God has set before me today, and with his strength, carry on, happily ever after.

Prayer Closet

Dear Lord, help us to choose happiness today. Give us the strength to pick up the pieces of life that you have set before us and meet us along our journey. May our happiness always rest with you.

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