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Creating My Happiest Moment

Updated: May 9

What is your happiest moment? How did you make it happen?

It's very interesting to think about our greatest moments in life and realize that the only way they happen, is if we plan them out.

Maybe it was having your children (most likely we planned them). Almost every little I knew girl dreamt of being a mommy. Or maybe for you, it was traveling to another country.

I have a friend who always wanted to live in New York. Now, she lives pretty close by in New Jersey, but she and her husband had to work hard to get there. It was bittersweet when they left, but I also rejoiced in their dreams coming true. That was a moment when I realized how involved we really have to be to make these moments come to fruition.

People who choose to just let the happy moments happen, tend to find that happiness, but it is fleeting. To get to the happiest moments, the greatest moments of life, we must be very intentional. We have to dig deep and never quit or give up. We have to push through so much self-doubt, or even just not having enough self-esteem to get up and hit the go button.

When I think to back to my happiest moment, I struggle to pick just one.

To this date, I think my happiest moment is the day our son Charles was born. After miscarrying so many babies in my life and enduring so many hardships, that moment when I had my own child overwhelmed my heart. What it took to get to that day was like climbing up a mountain and only reaching the top after many painful days.

It was incredibly difficult! Emotionally, physically and mentally. It took all of me to get to that moment. I endured so much, even through the pregnancy, that by the time he was here, I was worn out.

It took a lot of effort to make my happiest moments come to pass. I have been blessed to travel often and to lots of places in my life, but home has always remained my favorite. I've worked hard to make my home a special place so that all my kids will want to come back to visit.

Let's face it, when Charles left home after 20 years of being with me almost every day of his life, that was another tough moment to process through. He does come to visit as often as he can and calls regularly, ut it will never be the same as those treasured years living with him. I loved having a full house with all my kids and husband too.

I hope you will take a moment soon to plan some happy moments. You can still make some of your dreams come true. You just have to be intentional about your happy ever after.

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