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Crisis Intervention

I am not a fan on engaging the topic of women's rights.

Any person(male or female) should have all the say possible over their bodies.

That is, up until the point that there is another

life with a heart and soul

to consider.

America has failed the unborn,

and it failed me!

I know many are fighting for the babies' and momma's hearts,

and I am so thankful for every single one of you.

However, I am not sure it's enough;

we must put regulations on abortion.

A woman in crisis needs to be protected while she is in such a fragile state of mind,

especially when another life is at risk.

I know from experience; no one made sure I was alright. While I was in such a fragile state, I was deceived into believing that my unborn child wasn't a baby. I was in a crisis and had no protection from the broken system that said I could kill my baby. I have lived with that regret for decades, and I have decades of regret left to live with.

It is so easy and inexpensive to give a woman in need all the options available.

This is not just about physical health; this is also about mental health.

Making a clear, informed decision that lasts a life time is critical.

We have the most pro-life president in office fighting for the unborn.

We (America) can't afford to get it wrong anymore.

What can you and I do right now?

Support your local Crisis Pregnancy Center today.

Find the one nearest you, and get involved.

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