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Cuts Like a Knife

When I overhear people talking about abortion,

whether it's the women who seem to be proud of theirs or

those who judge so harshly without considering the fragile heart or

the movie that is so far off from what really takes place-

It cuts like a knife!

The wounds reopen, and the sting is so hurtful.

Once while sitting in a women's church event, the topic came up. One woman in particular commented on how an abortion occurs. I don't believe she was very accurate in her description; however, I instantly became nauseated and felt as if I were going to vomit right there. I wanted to stand and flee- to get away as fast as possible. I couldn't move; I froze. If I left, they would know that I had an abortion; all the guilt and shame came flooding back in. From their very own comments, they had already judged me, even without knowing my story and all that lead up to it, and I wouldn't- I couldn't expose my fragile heart.

"Yeah, they just say 'Oh, I am going to go kill my baby today,'" says the youth pastor who just lost the heart of the person he was attempting to win; she no longer wants to hear or see him, and church is no longer a safe haven from the world's cruel words.

I urge those who have never walked this road to quiet their voice for a moment and instead open your ears and hearts, especially the believers who read this.

What you should know:

  • Understand that I was deceived and lied to, as most women are. I was not as informed as you might think; I did not get up one day and say "I'm going to go kill my baby."

  • Don't say "I'm sorry." It hurts more than you know; instead, help me carry my cross. Love me through my hurt and pain.

  • See me through God's eyes; know that I am one of his children just as you are.

  • Get involved in crisis intervention. Find a Crisis Pregnancy Center near you.

The crushing blows not only break the heart, they also break the spirit. We have an enemy that hides behind the smiles and the laughs, but he always leaves his mark.

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