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Interesting fact, there are no verses in the King James Bible using the word "disappointment" that speak about God being disappointed in you or me. God is never disappointed with us, let's just let that soak in a minute. Disappointments are expectations unmet, God has no expectations of us that we haven't met. If we truly are to be Christ like, then we need to re-evaluate our expectations of...everything!

When we develop these preconceived ideas of how a certain event should take place or how a person may react without evaluating the expectations and how reasonable they are, then we have set ourselves up to be disappointed. I worked in customer service for years. I loved the customer that was the most dissatisfied, because I wanted to turn that person's opinion around. If I could figure out what their expectations were and find a way to meet them or bring them around to my abilities, then I have turned an unsatisfied customer into a satisfied one.

When dealing with people on any level for any reason, we want to make sure that we truly understand their expectations. This same concept applies to family and most of all children. The little one with the least ability to reason through a situation could end up being the one most disappointed just because they don't truly have the capacity to fully understand most situations.

Everyone we meet is on a journey of their own. We have no way of knowing their emotional, physical or heart conditions. The lack of this information makes it difficult to know what our expectations should be. We must make an attempt to know what expectations they have and if we find that they themselves don't know, then we must put it in the best possible light and attempt to meet the needs that only God knows.

Prayer Closet

Dear Lord, Help us today to evaluate our expectations of those around us and of our hearts. Give us the wisdom to know when we have been disappointed by our own expectations and to change what we require from others and from you.

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