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Do it on Purpose

Today I was thinking about Columbus and the amazing journey he made across the ocean; I became so curious about how he had so much courage. I wondered about the emotions of fear and excitement he must have been experiencing. However, none of those emotions mattered because he was choosing to make this journey. He wasn't basing his journey on a feeling or an emotion; he was planning it on purpose.

We would be much more successful in life if we would just set sail with our dreams and hopes- if we would just take away all the fear and doubt and choose to be intentional in our decision. We should choose to take a moment on a bad day and say "I will be happy"- choose to be happy on purpose. What power it is to execute our will without worry or regret!

I am still in a season of life where it is difficult for me to pick up and sail off into the wild blue yonder. My responsibilities require me to be very hands-on and focused, but even in my season, I look for ways to brighten up the world around me. I challenge myself everyday to be thankful for the day I have been given. I want to be intentional in every way and every day. As I care for my loved ones and raise my child, I make sure that I am always communicating love and peace; even when I don't feel it, I do it, on purpose.

Prayer Closet

Dear Lord, help us to be intentional in our choices and decisions in this life. Draw us near to you so that you shine through us and that we act with intention.

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