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Do You See God?

Do you see God working in your day-to-day life? For me, it's like a little treasure hunt. I get so excited when God drops in and leaves me a clue that He is near and that all is well, or when I feel the comfort of His Spirit surrounding my emotions, holding me together in a broken world.

I love the sky- it's so big and full of mystery. The ray of sun that peeks out beyond the blue just pushes me closer and closer to Him. Sometimes I hear people say they can't see or touch or God, and I wonder if they are even looking for Him. I see Him in all of His creation: the mountains and the seas, the sun and the moon, and even the trees, and how they bloom over and over again every year. I see Him in the bees and the birds in spring, the smell of fresh cut grass in the summer, and the rain during an afternoon storm.

I guess I am looking for Him; I am seeking all the amazing things that He has done. I see Him in the colors of life, and the smell of the flower, and, most of all, in every part of my heart. God's Word is full of promises; it's full of hope and the potential for all of our dreams to come true.

While God never promises that life will be easy or without sorrow, He does promise that He will be with us. We must seek the kingdom of God; we must look through the lens of grace and mercy. We are here to glorify God, and we are all created to give our hearts and lives back to the One who created us.

Prayer Closet

Dear Lord, help us to see you every minute of every day and in every way. The comfort of knowing that you are always watching over us is exactly what we desire. We long to have your constant direction and counsel in a moment's notice to keep us on the right road- the road to where you are so that we are together again. Amen.

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