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Enjoy the Journey-Destination Heaven

Updated: May 9

We are always on the way; we have not arrived at what will be. As the clock ticks on and on, and the seasons of life come and go, what is our destination? Where are we going, and how do we plan to get there?

I think about immigration and how people from one country wanting to go to another sets out on a journey to find a better way of life. They are looking for their happily ever after; they have set out to find that which they know not.

What is your destination after your short years here on Earth? I love Francis Chan's analogy about time. (watch here) These years of life right now are really not the most important years- these are actually the smallest amount of years we should be considering. In fact, we are living for the moment. What if Francis is right? And I believe he is. We are not living life for eternity; instead, we are focused on living here on earth.

When I choose a destination for a vacation, I think about what I want to experience on my vacation. Do I want it to be relaxing, educational, or just plain fun and adventurous? Do I want to walk up to a beach chair and pause before the sea and dream, or do I want to dig into Niagara Falls and the power behind the crashing water? Now, eternity is not a vacation, but when I do get to eternity, how do I want to arrive? Frazzled and completely worn out, or trusting and still pursuing the will of God?

So, I ask you again- where are you going? Let's refocus our journey and start living for eternity. Our impact to eternity is the most important. How many people have you told about eternity? How many others have you introduced the Jesus our Savior? It is all about the journey toward heavenly things; it's all about the life after we are done here on earth.

Prayer Closet

Dear Lord, Give us the wisdom to see life from eternity. Not to just consider this world as our home but to know we are just passing through. Lift us to a higher calling so that those around us will see the dawn of Heaven and the glory in Immanuel's Land.

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