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What is the first thing you do when you walk into a dark room? Flip on the light switch, right? We flip the switch up because we believe that the light will come on. We have seen it before, so we have faith that it will occur over and over again. Faith is the result of a personal belief and daily dependence. We depend on indoor lighting, and it has become a useful part of our daily lives.

But Faith is not a feeling. As we grow in our understanding of God's love for us we begin to see his work around us. If we look at Luke 7:1-10 we find a centurion who heard of Jesus and beseeched him to come and save his servant. When Jesus heard all the things the man had said, he stated "I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel." The Centurion's faith in Jesus was not because he knew Jesus well. He only knew what was told to him about Jesus and from that information his faith was born. In Hebrews 11 we see faith before the flood when Noah built an ark. We see the faith of Abraham, Moses, and other faithful servants.

Faith is not a feeling, yet it's a seed that grows in your heart and becomes a part of your soul. Jesus has proven himself to be true over and over again. Building our faith one board at a time, like a bridge, so we can cross over safely to where he is. Christ has been faithful over and over again even when we let him down. About seventy-five percent of our life is characterized by struggles, concerns, frustrations, and trials. It takes a lot of energy to forge ahead of these obstacles to progress toward faith like the seed looking for the sun.

Prayer Closet

Heavenly Father, lead us towards your light today. Help us to see you and to know that you are watching over us. Teach us to not rely on our feelings for our faith in you. Continue to woo us to your side.

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