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Fill My Cup Lord

Another one of my favorite analogies is the teacup. When you fill up a teacup just to the brim, the liquid curves but doesn't spill out. If you try to move the teacup, things are going to get messy. Now, what if I told you we are all teacups?

So whats in your cup? If we think about it we might find that our cups are not filled with sugar and spice and everything nice. Take a moment and evaluate your emotions. Are you finding love, joy, and peace. Maybe you are seeing anger, sadness, or hurt. How do these emotions get in our cups to begin with?

It is my experience that these emotions get there when we suppress our true feelings. When someone hurts our feelings, we take that hurt and push down and try to put on a smile and carry on. The hurt didn't go away, its just in our cup and waiting. What happens when we just keep piling on the hurt, and struggles of life? Keeping up with the family and all the demands of life can cause a lot of frustration, weariness, and just plain feeling overwhelmed. And all those emotions just get poured into the cup.

Then someone moves the cup. It's filled to the brim, and nothing else is going to fit in our cups. Now all at once, the frustration and hurt are going to come spilling out at one time, and it's a lookout moment. It's the last straw, and we just can't give anything else. So whomever is in the path, the next person we come in contact with, is going to be caught in the dumping of the cup.

As we walk in our garden today, let's dump our cup in the presence of the Lord. Let's dump all that hurt, disappointment and frustration at the feet of the one who is waiting. In the calm of the fresh air let's begin to refill our cup with love, peace, and grace.

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