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God sends Comfort

Life is hard. Sometimes. Now hard is hard, hard is not bad. It is said that character is built in the hard times. Integrity is found when we find ourselves in situations that we didn't plan on. So many times, especially in the hard times, we can feel God's comfort best. That's right, God's comfort is not something seen it's something we feel.

I personally had a very hard time in September of 2018. After a battle with cancer my father passed away. I am one hundred percent a daddy's girl. My dad and I were twins as we both think deeply and love even deeper. Caring for him in his later days was the hardest thing I had ever done. He didn't want to leave and knowing what his end would be made it even harder for him to accept his journey. Watching him fight for life and want to carry on and my feeling helpless to fix what was wrong.

We were on a waiting list to receive a new puppy long before we knew of my dads illness. Of all the things in the world, a new puppy! We considered taking our name off the list and the next thing we knew he was born! Dude! He was the only boy in this litter, and he was the first born. I always wanted a dog named Dude. God knew exactly what I needed way before I did. He was a tangible way to feel God's comfort.

Dude was set to be picked up right before Christmas, and we were in love even before he arrived. There were a lot of emotions swirling around in my heart, but this little guy would carry the load of loving me and truly only me.

We spent many days together, and I enjoyed the snuggles when he was sleepy. As time pressed on, we began to notice that I was his person. He followed my everywhere I went. Fast forward a year, and Dude only sleeps where I sleep. He only sits where I sit. He does go for walks, but will only walk with me. I am not allowed out of his sight. His endearing face and eyes watch over me. His love for me is unfailing. Not even my husband can move him from my side without being growled at. I feel God's comfort though this little eighteen pound pup. I truly have made it though the last 2 years since my dad's passing and all that I bear because God sent his comforter. Who knew it would be in the form of a Dude.

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