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Hard Is Just Hard

Updated: May 9

Hard is hard, but hard is not bad. Let's face it, we deal with hard things on a daily basis.

Whether it be the demanding job, kids, or just family issues, hard is just hard; it doesn't always mean bad.

The growth we get from the hard times in life is often crucial to our survival in more difficult moments later on. What we learn in those hard moments are lessons that make us stronger, braver, and willing to endure whatever it is that life has to dish out for us.

We must embrace the hard times and not give up through it. We must dig into what may seem impossible and come out on the other side victorious.

The more we learn and the faster we learn it does determine our successes later.

It is only when we are strong and brave that we are willing to face the winds that blow in our direction. I say winds because like the life we sometimes just don't know which way it will go. The suspense of it all, is so exciting.

I look at life as the journey that it is.

With all of its suspense and challenges, I see it as an adventure that is sometimes hard and sometimes very rewarding. It's not until I learn the lesson that they never seem to come quickly.

I am sure that is because we can only learn so much at one time. The brain can only absorb what it can when it can. When I home-schooled our kids, I learned some very interesting facts. It takes seven times of instruction before a kid can master a concept.

Humph! I have to repeat it seven times, often in seven different ways before the concept was mastered. Wow! It was like work.

It was a very difficult time for me and required me to dig deep and get it done. It felt like we were home-bound all the time and school was all we did. Now there is so much more for kids with home school groups and so much better structured.

This part of my journey was pretty difficult, it was definitely hard, however, I and my children are better for the journey, and we learned a lot. So, we ended up smarter, braver, and stronger. Never a bad thing.

I encourage you to not quit at the hard level. Failure is a verb, it's in motion. It's not where we land. If we are failing, then that means we need to change direction or come up with a new plan. It never means to quit.

Quitting will ensure that you don't succeed in, well a lot of things. Ya know, all the things we dreamed of.

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