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How Sharp is the tongue?

Self Control! Staying in control of every part of our heart, soul, and body is a lot to hold together. Keeping track of all the different emotions is like keeping up with a dozen of three-year-olds. They are everywhere, and most likely out of control. When we let our feelings take over we lose sight of end result. We must remember that we can’t base what is right and wrong entirely on our feelings. The heart is wicked above all and what rolls off of our tongues can cut like a sharp knife forged in a fire.

We should remember that God hears everything we say. And he hears it in the present, past, and future. If we truly believe that God has no boundaries and lives in all spaces of time, then when we say that hurtful comment or lie God hears it over and over again. I recall a time in my life when a dear friend made a comment that was just hurtful, and I don’t think she really meant it the way it came out, but it still pierced my heart. I thought to myself, God heard that. The Holy Spirit in me was so grieved. We all struggle with our tongues. We are never alone on this topic.

Let’s take a moment this day, and say as many things today that speak life over the loved ones around us. Let’s take a moment and ask for forgiveness for those things said out of anger or hurt, situations in which we reacted over our feelings and not our minds. Filling the universe with love, joy, and peace will leave us “feeling” good and help our minds to make a better choice the next time life comes at us with hurts.

He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls. - Proverbs 25:28

The Prayer Closet

Oh Lord, how we grieve over our words so often. Forgive us for those comments during the times in which we did not guide our hearts and mouths. Give us the strength to not let my feelings be in control so that our actions and words are pleasing to you.

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