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"I'm Sorry"

Updated: May 9

I have realized through watching our daughter and all her hurts that no one is really ever going to come up to her and say "I'm sorry" for all the harm I did. I mean one man is in jail for what he did, is he ever going to say I am sorry? I am not expecting that.

Will her parents ever really be able to say sorry and fix anything that she has been going through over these last five years? Probably not! I can't even get them to take responsibility now, how will they do it later?

I too have been hurt by people that have never said those two words.

Most of the time we use sorry in place of not being able to use any other words or way of expressing ourselves

It's easier to say sorry than to say, "I feel your pain." Or saying the truth, because we really don't want to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

For me, sorry has become an empty attempt to fix any situation. I stopped using the word sorry and in place, I spoke the truth. I changed the way I responded to people who needed that extra comfort in their time of grief.

So instead of saying sorry to the grieving wife, I expressed my loss as well in the loss of the person. Not just a simple sorry. That's the easy way out, and I am not known for taking the easy way.

So, for everyone who never got the apology they needed to hear from someone who did them harm, I am truly sorry. But! I know, there has to be a "but". HAHA, truly I am not sorry that your journey gave you the will to struggle through the pain that you felt.

The pain we feel in these moments is the driving force that gets us through life and brings us to the point where we are stronger and braver than we ever had to be before.

Our daughter is a fighter. She is resilient and strong. But I know why.

She fought through those hard days to be here with us and now she is living her best life. She is very forgiving and full of joy, and I know she will succeed because she is just like me coming out of all the trauma of my past.

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