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In The Garden: Field Of Wishes (P)

...Ye have not, because you ask not.

James 4:2b

What do you see when you look at this field? The white fluff flower that when you blow on it, sends the dozens of little seeds into the wind to make more fluffy white flowers. What amazing insight to see this field full of wishes and hope with a simple breeze sending them into a fertile field to grow more wishes.

A wish is a desire for a certain thing to happen that may not be easily attainable. This is not the same hope that we have in Christ, because salvation is easily attainable, but a wish, a wish is the hope of what we cannot control. The purpose of a wish can be a test to see if God is listening. A free “ask” into to the unknown to see if anyone is listening to our hearts. That ask is and can be a simple prayer for that which we hope for. Remember Hope is not a tactic.

Perhaps just the lighthearted hope that if life was just a little easier then we would be a little happier. All those little seeds flying off of that fluffy white flowers represent the hopes we carry within us, and as they float away in the wind will they find soil root and grow.

These little seeds are like our prayers to God. We have a million little seeds in our hearts that we want to plant and grow, but so often we never blow on them and so they never take flight. We limit ourselves to that which we can see, not looking beyond ourselves to see what God can do. God is waiting for us to share with Him what he already knows. All we must do is wish, and blow so they take root. Often God’s plans for our lives are way bigger that we ever believe they could be.

As we say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021, take your field of wishes and blow them into the world and see what grows.

The true way of obtaining anything is to seek it from God by #prayer

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