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In The Garden: Freedom

Our world today seems to be a little out of sorts. There are so many people hurting right now. I am thankful that those not being treated fairly are taking a stand. I am thankful that we live in a country where we have the freedom to speak and demand a better life for ourselves. For many, the American ideal we all hoped for has not been the reality.

I am saddened by all the death destruction and loss we are experiencing now. Our America should be a place of solace for those looking for a better way and for those who live under the very freedom that our forefathers worked for and in some cases died for.

The statue shown in the photo stands in my gardens as a reminder to me every day of the service so many have given including my husband and many other family members. It is solid and not easily moved. The flag waves there in the breeze and while I stand with the American Flag it is not my one true loyalty.

My one true loyalty is my Lord Jesus. He is the one that truly holds my freedoms. He has the power to give and to take away. I know that my eternity is secure in him, but my heart wonders for the many around me. If you have never asked the Lord into your life, please take a moment today and consider your relationship with our heavenly father now. (Follow Jesus)

Dear Lord, We ask that you give us grace and understanding as we walk with you on our life's journey. The road is full of deceit and destruction, and there are so many things that this world can do to hurt us. We ask that you shine your light bright so that we may see where we should place our foot next. We trust your plan even when we do not understand it, we know that you alone have our best interest at heart, and we are willing to serve you wherever you need us to go.

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