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Letting Go Of First Impressions

Updated: May 9

We all want to put our best foot forward when meeting new people.

If you're like me, we take a little extra time to put together our outfits, do our hair, and add a little makeup. We really have to be ready all the time, because we just never know who we may meet. I've found that it can sometimes feel like going to a job interview. We know that others will be evaluating us. Not only that, but first impressions always have such a high importance placed upon them.

Relationships are like bridges. There has to be a plan. A design of what the bridge will look like and what its function is. Whether cars, trains, or people, it's a similar concept. Some are just for decoration, not meant to fulfill a bigger purpose. However, no matter its purpose, it always takes one board, one nail, and one step at a time to build the bridge.

I always have a clean slate for every person I meet.

I want to be the sounding board that so many people crave and truly need. I don't require anything from my friendships. I want the other person to feel free to vent or have an opinion without being concerned about what I might think.

Generally, I have no opinion, especially at the beginning of building the friendship. I am okay to agree to disagree. I always leave room to be wrong, except with my husband. HA HA. Then I know I am mostly right.

I only give my advice when asked for it, or, on occasion, when I feel deeply that it will benefit the other person. Although, even when I do give advice, I have a strict "Do no harm" policy.

I believe that the trials and tribulations that we've experienced are not only for our own good but for the good of the people that we will come in contact with. We may never know how encouraging our story could be for someone, maybe even just what they needed to overcome their own struggle.

It is only through experience that we are able to help others. I've found it difficult to truly place myself in someone's shoes if I haven't been there myself.

I have been a military wife for twenty years. I can speak on that all day. However, I never had to move to a foreign country, so I can't relate to that part of military life. In fact, in the twenty years, we never moved from our hometown. But I know my experience can still allow me to help another military family who's gone through a similar lifestyle.

In fact, I have been able to help many military families here. This is my town and I know it well. Having never left turned out to be a blessing to so many that relocated here. I was able to support all who passed through.

The hardest part during that time was having to say goodbye. As in most long-distance relationships, time became the biggest distancing factor. It is extremely difficult to keep those life touches going when you are miles apart.

I have come to realize that even though not all our relationships will last for a lifetime, even some could just be for a moment, there is still an opportunity to create an impact. Don't focus too much on making a great first impression, just focus on being a great friend. That'll be more than enough.

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