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My Invisible Friend

As a young child I spent a lot of time by myself. The majority of my time was in my imagination world that I created with my baby dolls and barbies. I didn't really need anyone to have a conversation with, so I could have a complete conversation with my self or my invisible friend. My mom often thought I had an imaginary friend, but He wasn't imaginary to me.

I believed in God at a very young age. Not because anyone pointed him out necessarily, but because of all the time we spent together in that imagination land. Through many seasons of life I have looked back and still know that he was their. "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me." John 10:27 There was just a peace within my imagination world, and the tender spirit of the Lord was always a part of it. I struggle to find the words to explain that Jesus met me in the quietness of my room and played barbies with me. I have always had a deep understanding of when I am in the presence of the Lord. While I don't spend much time in my imagination world anymore, I still know the moment I am in the presence of the Lord and have a keen sense of when he wants my attention.

Even though my life is still full of hardships and challenges, God has always been by my side. In many cases, he has carried me through some deep waters and hot fires. The many times that I didn't lean on him and tried to carry life on my own only left me more scared by a world trying to destroy me. To truly submit to God, completely took God letting me get to the end of myself. I am often strong willed and independent. I do not like to ask for help or appear fragile and unable to accomplish that which I have set out to do.

As I have entered my later years, I still treasure those times with the Lord in my imaginary world. I often sit and have little chats on all kinds of life events. In these moments, I escape from my difficult environment and the harsh world we live in just as I did as a child.

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