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Now or Later?

Our character will determine our usefulness in life, now and later. “We are who we are today, because of the decisions we made yesterday.” Author unknown. Every little moment in time builds upon each other to form who we are. I love the story of the potter with the clay. His hands are molding and manipulating the clay to become a creation in his mind. His fingers are constantly making adjustments to create the piece and he saw it was good. We are the clay and we must be ready for the little adjustments that Christ is constantly making to prepare us now, for later. For such a time that he will call upon on for His purpose.

Look at the story of Esther. It is one of my most favorite stories in the Bible. How God preserved his people through this unique situation. She had prepared herself for years to be used by God and when the time came, she was ready even unto death. What if she had not prepared? What if she had said no, like Queen Vashti? I’m sure God would have a plan B or in this case maybe C, but what an honor it is to be used of the Lord. Whatever the plan we are in the hands of the potter constantly being molded to handle for the next task the Lord will send us on.

The Lord is waiting on us. He is ready to commune with us to give us what we need to grow in grace and knowledge. To give us what we need in order to equip us with the tools needed to do his will just as he did Esther. She was committed to surrender her life to the Lord no matter the cost. Is it enough to only hold the title of wife, or mom? Are those dishes important to the Lord? Is what I am doing now preparing me for later?

We most likely will not be asked to save an entire race of people. In our normal lives, we are rarely asked to sacrifice very much at all. Are we ready to do that which Esther did? Even unto death? Will God call us to the kingdom? Prepare now for later, prepare now to greet the angry person who was just wronged with a soft answer. Are you ready to be the calm in someone else's storm?

…and who knoweth whether thou are come to the kingdom for such a time as this? - Esther 4:14

But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ… - 2 Peter 3:18

The Prayer Closet

Oh Lord, thank you for all you are doing in my life that I am not even aware of. Thank you for preparing me now for service later. Show me the areas in my life I need to focus on so I am ready when you call on me. It is my hope that you will find me worthy of your service so you will be pleased with this child.

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