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Oceans by Hillsong UNITED

The flavor of instruments in this song brings such peace to my soul. The calmness of the prayer within these lyrics as they confess our failure and weaknesses is truly a graceful piece. There are so many truths in this song that hit me deep. In moments of life when I am reminded I don't have control this song comes to me in my mind and heart and holds me together.

"You call me out upon the waters" Oh yes, I love it when the Lord calls me out. Those special moments when we commune one on one. I often wish I could just sit in his presence all the day long. "The great unknown where my feet may fail" How often do we feel like we are failing and like we are free falling and then right away we are finding him in the mystery, then we are comforted. That feeling of Christ in our lives and our spirit is comforted. If you have never experienced this moment of one on oneness with the Lord, I hope you will connect with me and let me share with you how you can have a deeper relationship with the Lord. Please reach out here.

"And keep my eyes above the waves" My eyes, not my head, my eyes. how important this line was for me. Keeping our eyes on Jesus. I have always prayed for His eyes so that I can see life more clearly. Not through the lens of my selfish heart, but through the lens of his grace and mercy. "So I can rest in your embrace, for I am yours and you are mine". Being wrapped in the arms of Christs' embrace, and knowing that I am his, and he is mine gives me the strength to carry on over and over again. To not lose faith or feel faint when the world seems so much bigger than I can bear.

The chorus has to be my absolute favorite. "Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders." Oh yes Lord, lead me where I end and you begin. "Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander." Guide me to the places you would have me go even when I don't know the way. "And my faith will be made stronger." I want to see you at work more and more Lord so that my faith will not ever waver. I want to be in your presence all the time. The ocean is a deep, beautiful and scary place. Its mystery, strength, and faith where we can call upon your name and find you in the deep.

Listen to Oceans here.


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