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Open Letter From A Post Abortion Mom: Conclusion

I am sure there are many women that still dwell in the shadow of disappointment. Guilt and grief are two of the worst emotions to feel at the same time. It took a lot of courage for me to let the light of Christ into these shadows. Once I learned that God is never disappointed in me, the darkness lifted, and I began to see through the eyes of God. I could see His grace and mercies in my life and all of the joy that He still brings into my world.

Rejection is the root cause for abortion. If the mom is being rejected, then she, in turn, is rejecting the baby. The baby being rejected by others causes the mom to reject the baby. She didn't rejoice when she found out she was pregnant; she didn't know this would happen to her. She really didn't realize what the consequence would be. She wanted love and acceptance, so she engaged in an act that she believed would give her all of that when, in fact, it gave her everything she was running from. I am her; I am the post-abortion mom.

I think it is important to share that I am not mad at anyone. Ultimately, the responsibility stops with me. I am the one that let sin in; I engaged in an act that caused my crisis. I took my eyes off of the love that Christ had for me. I went looking for love instead of resting in the love of a Savior who had the perfect plan for my life.

Reuniting with my child(ren) when I arrive in heaven keeps me close to the side of my Savior. I can always tell when I begin to wander- the feelings of depression, anxiety, and guilt creep up. I quickly run back to recenter my mind, heart, and dedication to the Lord.

If you are a post-abortion mom and haven't found the strength to bring the light into your shadows yet, I invite you to reach out to me; I will support you in whatever ways I can and can connect you with resources to help you find your way to the Lord.

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