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Planting Relationship Seeds

Updated: May 9

We reap what we sow!

There is so much to unpack in that statement. See, we can only receive from that which we plant. When it's time for our harvest, what will you have? I'm not just talking about food or crops but in life. What are the seeds you will see in your life when it's your time to harvest?

Relationships are hard, whether it be work, family or just the stranger on the road. Normally we learn techniques by the time we are four and five of how to cope with others, however, I am finding that I need to teach them to my thirteen/fourteen-year-old daughter.

See because of how she came to us, she was never taught these concepts and she never learned or grasped the concepts in which these lessons are valued. She doesn't value my opinion or my counsel, she wants what she wants and often nothing else.

We do have little moments where our daughter wants to be teachable, but they are rare so blending the parent role and friend role with her is completely different than with our other children.

Her words often sting, but I don't let them get to me. She needs the grace of a soft parent to allow her the space and time to see the value. These are seeds.

Even though they are often unwanted and met with resistance, I spread those seeds all frequently hoping that they will land on fertile ground and grow in her with the light from up above.

I have to plant these ideas in her mind and let them become hers. It can often feel like planting in a rock, but we keep doing it. We keep trying to find that ground where she is teachable and reachable.

Honestly, I worry.

I worry that her life once she leaves the nest it is going to be too hard and that she will suffer more than she needs to.

She often wants to learn the "hard" way so getting her to respond and value what we are trying to teach her is like lifting heavy rocks. But we keep on digging deep looking for soft ground.

I myself struggle to see her foolishness and let it be, but in the moments where we just can't seem to punch through it, we have to then spread the seeds of grace and leave her to the God that loves her and brought her as far as he has already.

He loves her more than any of us, and he only brought her to us to keep for a season before she launches into a life of her own.

Whatever seeds you may need to plant in this season of your life, I promise it will be worth the wait. The harvest is just around the corner.

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