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Judgment is a very hard concept to balance. It is one that we all seem to exercise easily and often with the best intentions. I find that no matter what, we do judge others, both in good and bad ways. It is always easier to look at the actions or life of another person than it is to look at our own.

Don't get me wrong- we have great examples of how to live an honest and godly life, and that is a true blessing. Not all judgment is wrong. To see traits in others that we would like to see in ourselves is part of God working in us to be the child he always hoped us to be; but even in this, we are judging. We are deciding what we like and what we don't from the examples around us, whether it's the books we read or the movies we watch.

It is in these moments we must remember to always compare ourselves to what God has for us. We must search to know his will for our lives. Comparing our lives to another could result in taking our eyes off of the unique features given to us by the one who created us. I chuckle at the term "finding ourselves", but truly this term means we are on a journey- a journey to find out who we are supposed to be during our time here in this life.

Interestingly enough, when I look at my reflection in the mirror I see a lifetime of memories- some great, some amazing, and some full of hurt and sin. Only the Lord can see the heart of a man, but the man can also see his heart in his reflection; this is very difficult for me- to look myself in the eye. I must remember to look at the cross and to see the grace and mercy that God poured out for me. Only then do I see the real reflection- the reflection of Christ living in me.

Prayer Closet

Dear Lord, help me to see my reflection through your grace and mercy. Help us all to see the areas which we need to improve and to focus on. Always teach us to compare our lives to what your plan is for our journey.

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