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Through The Storm

There was a story once told about a young lady who was learning to drive along side of her father. They were on the open road as a storm began to roll in, the sky became very angry, and the rain began to pour so hard it became difficult to see. The young lady frightened asked the father if she should pull over, and the father replied "No, continue on." As she continued so did the storm as hail began to fall. She noted that other cars were pulling over and she again requested to pull over and pause. The father again replied "No, just keep going." Soon the blue sky opened up and the rain stopped then the father stated, "Now you can pull over." The daughter perplex obeyed. Once stopped the father told the daughter to get out of the car, as they did, they looked back at the storm and the father shared, "All the drivers that pulled over are still in the storm."

In the storms of life we want to pull over and stop. Fear of what we don't know will rise up inside us and then we want to stop and pause. The storm is going to take its course, but if we must press on and push through the fears with trust and hope soon the blue skies will return and we can take solace in our heavenly father's care for us.

What storm of life are you in today? Are you sitting still in the storm? Let's get up and continue on, seeking and searching for what his plan is. Asking Him to reveal which steps we should take in order to get out of the storm. The storm could look like health, money, family drama, or even our spiritual walk with the Lord.

For thou hast been a strength to the poor; a strength to the needy...a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat... Isaiah 25:4a

Prayer Closet

Thank you heavenly father for your faithfulness to us. Help us to trust in you, show us how you are already guiding us in ways that we know not. We look forward to the blue skies with you.

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