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When Fear Wins

Updated: May 9

The Angel of the Lord encampeth round

about them that fear him, and delivereth them.

Psalms 34:7

What if you knew that it's alright to be afraid, but not to fear?

Most people are full of fear, including yours truly. Yes, I too struggle with fear. Most often, to step out of my comfort zones and try new things.

I have to push myself to remember to not be afraid but to be brave instead. Failure is a part of life, and the biggest lessons are learned through it.

Fear can cause us to feel like we are standing alone, often paralyzed, however, we must always know that God is standing with us. God wants what's best for us, so he is not going to abandon or leave us without the support we need.

Fear is wisdom.

I am fearful of stairs because I have experienced falling down them. So, they have my respect, and I am very careful up and down them.

It's not wrong for me to be afraid of falling down the stairs, because I experience it first-hand. However: it is not to be confused with fear of the Lord. That's a different kind of fear. Fear of the Lord is out of respect.

I don't want to fall down the stairs. I don't want to get hurt or have the wind knocked out of me again. EVER. However, that is not fearing the Lord, that is fearing the stairs.

God is wanting us to fear him out of submission. Submitting to God the surrender of giving him control over our lives and it is scary.

When I say to Him, "I surrender all!" it causes a fear in me that makes me quiver. I am trusting God with my whole life, spiritually, physically, financially, and emotionally. The releasing of control is no easy task, not even releasing it to God.

Don't let fear win. Not fear of everyday life, but fear of surrendering your life to a God who is waiting to receive you, a God who loves you dearly, and is waiting for you to respond.

It's important to know that He is not forcing us to surrender. He is allowing us to choose because he wants us to give over to him the fear willingly.

There was once a dad who while talking to his little girl, asked her if she would give him her toy neckless of pearls. The little girl was very resistant. She loved her little necklace and did want to give it up.

But what she didn't know is that her father had a necklace of real pearls waiting for her. That little girl must trust him to find out. In a similar way, God is often waiting for us to trust him with our most prized possession.

We must find the courage to not fear. We should know the dangers but also know God and weigh the two. I can go down the stairs safely, but it takes courage and an awareness of the danger. I can hand God my pearls without reservation, knowing that even if I get nothing in return, the act of trusting Him is all that He really wanted to begin with.

Don't let fear win, don't let the attachment to the things of this world keep you from surrendering all to the one and only that holds everything in His hands. When the Angel of the Lord comes around us that fear Him, then we know, fear didn't win.

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